The worst trends of the early 2000s

All of the moments when our passion 4 fashion went horribly wrong.

Yes people. It’s been 15 years since the year 2000. The early noughties were a very interesting decade for fashion. The boho look. The space vibes. The denim denim denim denim. Denim. More denim. Ed Hardy?

We rounded up the worst trends (or the best?!) from the early 2000s for your entertainment. You may have pushed some of these memories deep into your psyche so we’ve got pictures to help pull them back out. Enjoy.

1. Juicy Couture velour tracksuits
Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and even Julie Cooper from The OC all fell prey to the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit. Extra points if yours had words plastered to the butt. JUICY.

2. Low rise denim, flared jeans, faded jeans, lace-up denim, and jeans without back pockets
Denim of all kinds. The ultra-low rise. The super flared jeans that dragged through the mud. The unnatural fading technique where your thighs and shins were almost white. Lace-up denim. Jeans with no back pockets. With a black g-string sticking out? What a beaut.

3. Shiny everything
Y2K people. The world didn’t end but the aliens are coming so we’ve got to make ourselves look as futuristic as possible. Shiny pants. Shiny handkerchief tops. Shiny everything. Robot fashion was in.

4. Vertical striped flares
Flared jeans and chords with vertical striped flares. At least they weren’t horizontal stripes?

5. Jeggings
We feel like jeggings were most certainly championed by Supré. C’mon people. Those jeggings aren’t fooling anybody. WE KNOW THEY’RE LEGGINGS AND NOT JEANS.

6. Tube tops
Why wear a top when you can wear a tube?

7. Popcorn tops
Those things were insane. The tops looked way too small to be able to fit. Never fear though. They stretched out like crazy but still retained their popcorn texture.

8. Foam platform sandals
Comfort, height and the ability to wiggle your toes around? Fashion comes in cycles baby.

9. Von Dutch trucker caps
There was something just so awful about these Von Dutch trucker caps. Maybe it’s because they were awful. And also because people wore hoop earrings with them nooo.

10. Ed Hardy
The rise and fall of Ed Hardy was simply fascinating to watch. Don Ed Hardy is actually a tattoo artist and Christian Audiger (the man behind Von Dutch) helped popularise his apparel line. The Australian sublicensee of Ed Hardy went into administration and closed in 2010.

11. Crystal tattoos
Nek level body glitter. Skin is there to be adorned so peel the sticky off that diamonte crystal tattoo and plaster it somewhere sensual. Love hearts and butterflies preferred. Jazzy.

12. Crocs
The world’s favourite rubber shoe.

13. Neon slogan tops
Our good friends Supré bringing out the good stuff again with their neon slogan tops. DIRTY DIRTY HOUSE MUSIC. LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

14. Chain belts
These chain belts won’t help hold up your extra baggy flared cargo pants. Extra points if they’re placed on the waist and you’re wearing ultra low-rise jeans. Just for show.

15. Studded belts
These will actually hold your pants up and make you look like a tough sk8r boi.

16. Dresses or skirts with jeans
The perfect way to dress down a formal dress or skirt amirite? Also layering is great for cold weather.

17. Chunky highlights aka zebra stripes
Why have normal hair when you can mimic that of a zebra’s?

18. Baker boy hats
… These were actually pretty cute.

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