There’s finally a bra for people with two different breast sizes


Bra-wearing people of the world know all too well the annoyance and discomfort that comes with wearing an ill-fitting bra. And, while they do come in a multitude of sizes, our bodies are not always perfectly symmetrical.

Now, finally, someone has created a bra for those with two different breast sizes.

ThirdLove is the lingerie brand that’ll have those with asymmetrical boobs rejoicing.

It’s newest bra is designed to solve that issue, featuring memory foam cups which come in half sizes. Each bra also has removable pads that allow you to adjust each cup size to fit your needs.

The brand’s designer, Ra’el Cohen, said she is aiming to give women the best possible fit. “Since no other brands were addressing asymmetry, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to step in and help,” she told Seventeen.

“[The bra] was designed with removable memory foam inserts that allow you to even out your shape. You can add in the pad on the smaller side, or if you have even more asymmetry, you can double up and wear two pads on the smaller side to even out your breasts.”

The 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge bra comes in three colours, with cup sizes ranging from AA to G.

It’s currently available for pre-sale and international shipping is available.


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