There’s finally a bralette for girls with big boobs

Lord knows we need it.

Everybody loves a pretty bralette, right?

Wrong. Girls with big boobs hate pretty bralettes. They don’t make pretty bralettes in big-boob sizes and if your girls sit anywhere above a B cup, pretty bralettes are awful. 

Fortunately, the clever people at US lingerie brand, Lively, are onto it. They’ve introduced the Busty Bralette, a new style made specifically for sizes 34D to 38DDD.

The new release is modelled after the label’s bestselling bralette style, with design tweaks to ensure proper support for your girls. The straps are stronger, the elastic band under the cups is wider, and there’s a breathable inner cup for added support. Lord knows we need it.

It’s a result of direct customer feedback to Lively, with an increasing number of women calling for a more inclusive range of bralette sizes.

“We had had so many conversations with our community around this,” says Lively founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant. 

“The amount of feedback and emails around the need and want for this kind of solution style – a bralette that was stylish, functional, and comfortable, that could support a wider range of sizes – it was probably the number one thing we heard about collectively.”

While Lively currently only ships to the US, a number of platforms will forward your package on Down Under.


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