This Alice in Wonderland-themed jewellery collection will have you smiling like a cheshire cat

Are you curiouser and curiouser yet?

If you’re a lover of Alice in Wonderland or just an appreciator of nice jewellery, this is one you’ll like.

The team at Disney Couture have shared their latest jewellery collection, Signature Alice, you’ll want one of everything.

Each piece is piece is playful and quirky and it’s hard to believe they weren’t crafted in Wonderland.

The collection pays homage to every iconic aspect and character in the childhood favourite, as if the movie was transformed into a jewellery range.

The Queen of Hearts has her own pair of heart stud earrings, with a deep, bold red enamel finish.

The Mad Hatter’s top hat sits confidently on a gold ring, finished with a leather trim.

You’ll even find the Cheshire Cat’s mischievous grin in the form of a statement ring.

In terms of details, select pieces are adorned with a blue crystal, the colour being symbolic of Alice’s dress. Enamel is also used to decorate small charms and they look good enough to eat (especially the cake slices).

The complete jewellery range including bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and charms is available in plated 14k gold, rose gold and white gold.

Shop it online now.


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