This PJ label is donating sanitary packs to underprivileged women

Worth throwing a PJ party for.

There’s no denying that pyjamas are the MVP of clothing.

And now, sleepwear label Project REM is making it possible to help underprivileged women, all while catching some Zs.

Every time you buy a pair of Project REM pyjamas, the label donates a sanitary pack to a homeless or disadvantaged woman in need.

That’s definitely worth throwing a pyjama party over. 

The label has partnered up with charity Share The Dignity, which helps women afford sanity products, and Cottons, the creators of the first natural tampons.

If you’re not already tossing your dollars the brand’s way, these sleep sets are cool enough to wear as clothes, and isn’t that the dream? 

As Project REM believes: “sanitary items are a right, not a privilege.”

You can get your hands on a pair here and here.


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