Trackable bags are now a thing so you’ll never forget yours again

Well, this is pretty neat.

We’re all for anything that helps us avoid losing the essentials. It’s why Find my Phone is basically our favourite app ever. It’s also why we got excited about this

In collaboration with tech company Trackr, leather label Issara has created a new line that ensures you always know the whereabouts of your most important item: your bag.

Each bag is fitted with a Bluetooth tracker that syncs with an app on your phone. The tracker will alert your phone if you move a certain distance away from your bag, ensuring you never forget it in a cafe/nightclub/Uber ever again.

The app can also provide you with a map showing the location of your bag, for times when you actually do get a little careless or someone takes it (so help you god).

The product works in reverse, too, with each bag carrying a hidden button that can call your phone on demand. Basically, if you can’t find your phone but have your bag on you, you’ll be able to use your bag to call it.

We know, wot. 

The tracking collection spans duffles, briefcases, clutches, totes and more in a range of high-quality, coloured leathers.

It’s launching on Kickstarter on October 4, and early subscribers can nab themselves a bag at up to 60 per cent off.


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