Ummm so turns out you’re meant to remove the plastic backing on your earrings

You’ve been doing it wrong.

You can thank Chelsea Smith for this revelation.

The 19-year-old sent the internet a little mad recently, after revealing a newfound discovery: 

That weird, oversized, plastic back on your earrings? It’s removable. 

Smith announced her discovery by an image to twitter, which showcased a side-by-side comparison of two earring backs.

One had the plastic part still attached, as we’ve always known our earrings to be. The other, however, was without. 

As it turns out, removing that plastic part may just be its purpose.

It calls into question everything we thought we knew. Is the sky even blue? Is chocolate even delicious? Does anything else we wear daily feature some removable part that we’ve all been wearing anyway like idiots?

Only time will tell.

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