Well this is pretty huge: Pictures from Kate Moss’ first ever photoshoot have surfaced

Turns out they were hidden in a drawer.

Soooo as the title of this article so delicately infers, the internet has just blessed us with images from Kate Moss’ first ever photoshoot.

*moment of silence to process disbelief*

Let’s move on.

Yes, it’s understandably surprising/shocking/unbelievable that the pics took so long to surface, but apparently they’d spent decades hidden in the drawer of the photographer, Owen Scarbiena. He only just rediscovered the shots after cleaning out his drawers. Nice one, Owen.

The pictures were taken the year after a baby-faced Kate was discovered at JFK airport by Storm Model Management founder, Sarah Doukas. A shoot ensued, depicting a beautifully natural, lil baby Kate.

Speaking to VICE, Owen said:

“Kate didn’t have any preconceived ideas of how a model should stand. She was just her, which I loved… It was very slightly awkward, but natural.” 

Thank you Owen and internet for this gift.

[Images via i-D]

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