Melbourne label, Hopeless Lingerie, has called out ASOS for stealing its design

And it’s not the first time.

We can confidently say we’re no fan of this trend.

Following last month’s Zara v Tuesday Bassen fiasco, ASOS has been called out for allegedly stealing a design from independent Melbourne label, Hopeless Lingerie.

A side-by-side comparison was posted to Hopeless Lingerie’s twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this week, highlighting a striking resemblance between a Hopeless Lingerie set and a very similar Asos version. It was enough to gain instant social media attention.

The ASOS Here to Help account reassuringly tweeted back at Hopeless Lingerie:

“Here at ASOS HQ we take design infringements super seriously – we’ve passed this onto our legal team.”

Hopeless Lingerie responded explaining that ASOS had done a similar thing before, after which the said legal team had disregarded the complaint.

The retailer has since removed the lingerie set from the website.

Aside from the obvious concerns this raises around intellectual property, the most damaging aspect here appears to be the price. As a global retailer, Asos is able to sell its mass-produced ‘Cally’ set for $57, while Hopeless Lingerie’s pieces will set you back $95 for the ‘Darla’ knickers and $79 for the ‘Rosemary’ bralette, both of which are handmade in Melbourne.

We don’t need to mention the importance of shopping local. If you’re into the set, you can shop the Darla knickers and the Rosemary bralette here.


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