Whitehouse just gave away a $75,000 scholarship to the winner of Wool4School

Life changing.

Wool4School has returned for 2017 and this year, a Whitehouse Scholarship has been awarded to one very gifted student.

For the uninitiated, Wool4School is an annual design competition hosted by The Woolmark Company. This year, students from Years 7 to 12 are invited to design an outfit for their favourite musician. Designs must use a minimum of 80 per cent Australian Wool across a maximum of four pieces. Participants must also include a woollen accessory.

Year 12 student, Chanelle Davenport, took out the winning spot for this year, earning herself a scholarship at Whitehouse’s Melbourne/Sydney campus to undertake its Bachelor of Design.

Valued at $75,000, the scholarship will allow Chanelle to study one of three key areas: fashion design, creative direction and styling, or interior design.

The runner-up prizes are also huge, with cash, internships, magazine subscriptions, flights and photo shoots up for grabs.

Since launching in 2012, the Wool4School competition has involved more than 55,000 students nationally. It’s all in a bid to promote the benefits of wool and teach students about the fundamentals of design.




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