Why I’m already calling #mycalvins the best campaign of 2016

A critical analysis.

Calvin Klein has never been a brand to shy away from controversial advertising – and thank god for that. In case you follow zero celebrities on social media, the new #mycalvins campaign features a zillion famous people posing in their Calvin Klein underwear. 

The campaign is underpinned by the tagline:

“I __________ in #mycalvins”

The blank is filled in by whoever the subject of the photo is. 

Now I fancy myself as an expert on two things: number one is Law and Order SVU Episodes and number two is the social media happenings of celebrities. It is clear this campaign is targeting the millennial, using hashtags and social media to advertise the CK brand. And to me, this is why it is going so well. However there are so many other reasons why this campaign totally works. 

Homage is paid to the OG Calvin Klein ads 

When I think of Calvin Klein, all I remember are those black and white ’90s ads featuring Kate Moss and other celebrities of the time. Didn’t we all have a topless Mark Walhberg grabbing his crotch as our laptop background? Maybe that was just me… However, this campaign is an ode to those iconic images – using contemporary faces to revamp the old campaign. 

Topless Justin Bieber

I just cannot look past this pivotal detail. A blonde AND topless Biebs posing next to a statue that he is clearly beating in this pose-off. The text reads “I flaunt in #mycalvins” – Yes you do Bieber, yes you do. 

It taps our local talent 

Among the icons nabbed for this campaign is our very own model-turned-actress Abbey Lee Kershaw. It’s not the first time she has worked with the label – she appeared in the 2011 campaign for CK One. How can we not love a brand that favours our Aussie talent so much?

They have called upon every celeb ever 

I simply cannot criticise a campaign where so many celebs are involved. Fetty Wap, Joey Bada$$, Kendall Jenner and Kendrick Lamar are just a few notables attached to this campaign. Tapping these celebs automatically raises CK’s cool factor. Plus anything FKA twigs gets my stamp of approval. 

Although these are just a few reasons, we think they’re enough to cement this CK Campaign as our fave of 2016. However if Calvin Klein ever tries to approach me for a photo, it must be under the condition my tagline reads “I eat my body weight and nap in #mycalvins”  

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