Flex Mami blesses us with a curated list of plus size brands, restores faith in social media

Image via Flex Mami
Words by Mariah Papadopoulos

Flex community.

Earlier this week, “multidisciplinary millennial in media” @flex.mami posted on Instagram, inviting her followers to share fashion brands that stock size 18 and larger.

The response, in short, restored my faith in Instagram.

After six years, I still find myself unsure of whether Instagram’s so-called platform for self-expression can exist without an in-built sense of toxic narcissism masquerading as creativity.

In a world of detox tea, cyberbullying and fake influencers, some days I wonder whether Instagram might be a total waste of my time.

But thanks to Flex (real name Lillian Ahenkan), today is different.

One Instagram story later and countless follower replies, we have access to a curated list of 41 brands that stock plus sizes.

When influencers tap into their community of followers to share mutually beneficial content, I am reminded of what’s so good about having social media at our fingertips.

Yes, Instagram opens up the airwaves for us to share drama and gossip, but it also allows us to share what mainstream media and big business don’t provide for us.

Over 300 comments saw members of the Flex community adding their own contributions to the list, and applauding Flex for sharing it. Some even shared their own plus-size labels.

And if that wasn’t evidence enough, the comments section is proof that the list is the answer to Instagram users’ prayers, with responses like “Yes yes YES!💗💗💗 Flex is always clutch!”, and “The most important post of 2020.”

Although fashion is a great way for women to express themselves, the inequality historically intertwined with the industry still lingers.

In the words of Flex Mami, “fashion has been exclusionary from the get go”.

The fashion industry is still a long way from providing ‘plus-sized’ fashion at the same level of quality and variety as smaller sizing.

If Instagram can be a platform to help consumers make better decisions, whether it’s for their own needs (like clothes that properly fit), or to help those in need (cc: @spendwiththem), then I think it’s worth it.

Kudos to @flex.mami for showing us the way.

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