The Fold is launching a street campaign for people with boobs

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

“This is what’s relatable.”

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of swimwear brands that cater to a host of different bodies – like Raq Apparel’s big bust-friendly range, or Youswim’s super stretchy one-size-fits-most suits.

Another brand tackling the big boob market is The Fold, which designs swimwear exclusively for customers with a cup size of D or higher.

To celebrate the label’s third collection, it’s taking to the streets with a pointed street campaign. Posters will be plastered around Melbourne and Sydney from November 15, showing two of the brand’s new campaign models.

One image shows a naked, big busted model, while the other shows a woman breastfeeding her baby in a bikini from The Fold.

Co-founder of the brand, Stephanie Korn, said of the campaign in a statement, “I think the body positivity movement has had a far-reaching effect on fashion. We’ve chosen to blow up posters of a nude woman and a mother breastfeeding because to us and our customers, this is what’s relatable.”

She and co-founder Carly Warson openly reject “diversity for diversity’s sake”, emphasising that they choose models who represent the reality of those buying their swimwear.

This extends as far as the collection itself, which was designed based on feedback from customers.

Collection 03 features playful camo and watercolour prints, as well as solid shades of deep red, neon green and black.

The range is available in sizes eight to 16, with cup sizes up to a G. Some sizes you’ll have to pre-order, but you can find all fit-related information here.   


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