How local artist G Flip launched a sellout Crocs collab



“You start wearing them around the house, then to the shops – after that, it’s all over. They become a life shoe.”

What were you doing this time last year? If you’re in Australia – Melbourne specifically – you are potentially in the very same place. Locked down, comfort-dressing at the forefront. Your vaccination status may (hopefully) look different, but everything else could seem eerily familiar.

But if you’re G Flip (full name Georgia Flipo) your year may look different in a few ways. A couple of hit singles under your belt, a recent pronoun change to affirm your non-binary gender status and a second Crocs collaboration set to be released.

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Last year we sat down to chat about the first collab and they were every bit as excited as you can imagine. They mused about their Crocs manifestation, early penchant for the footwear and anticipation for the release. Little did they know, the first drop would go on to be a sold-out success. Not even a year later, we’re jumping on the phone to chat about the second. Here’s how it went.

Your last G Flip x Crocs tie-dye collaboration sold out instantly. Did you expect the Crocs love to come so hard and fast?


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When I did my first collaboration, all my friends and family were set on spending their own money and buying them online to support me. They didn’t want me to send them pairs. Then they sold out in a matter of minutes, which I don’t think anyone expected. So they all missed out.

Once you buy a pair of Crocs, you immediately start to get the appeal. So even the people who bought them solely to show their support ended up getting obsessed. You start wearing them around the house, then to the shops – after that, it’s all over. They become a life shoe. If anyone bought the G Flip Crocs as their first pair, I’ve definitely converted them.

How was the process for this collaboration different from the last?

I’m pretty sure we talked about manifestation last time but even before my first collab, I’d been messaging Crocs on Instagram for years. I’d message saying “I love you, I love you” and tagging them all the time. I was desperate to be a part of their world.

One of the first pairs they sent me was a white pair that had Crocs written all over in black. I knew one day I wanted my logo on the exact same colour. That was always the design in my head, so this second collaboration was just about bringing that to life. Then I just had to go hard on the Jibbitz!

The Jibbitz seem to be a big factor in your Crocs collaborations. How do you go about selecting them?

I just zone into my little chaotic brain and then we’re in business. I have one for Denise – my llama – she’s a sassy little bitch so I had to have her on my Crocs. I also have a Denise tattoo. ‘Party’ is a word I say all the time. It’s also a tattoo of mine. For me, it just means ‘cool’ or ‘sure’. “Do you want to go for a coffee?” “ Yeah, party.” “Do I look good in these jeans?” “Party.” It’s the G Flip language.

I’ve also got my logo so everyone knows it’s my collaboration. I have a crown for my song ‘Queen’ that came out earlier this year and the drippy ‘Hyperfine’ logo references one of my favourite songs I’ve ever released. The rainbow is just because I’m a big gayby. Crocs were great and let me put an extensive list together – then we shortlisted from there.

How do you feel about Crocs’ somewhat polarising place in fashion?

I’m obviously a big fan of Crocs and as I said, all you need is a week with a pair and they can convert you. Or a day. They’re just so comfy. First, you slip them on around the house, then you’re going to brunch and they just become a part of you.

You recently came out as non-binary. Congrats. Do you often use fashion to liberate yourself from the binary?

The more I think about it, even as a kid – before I knew what being non-binary meant – the best way for me to express my gender was through my clothing. As a toddler, I’d always pick from the men’s or boy’s section. In primary school, I was the kid that wore the boy slacks. Fashion has always been a way that I express my gender identity.

That’s also not to say that clothing is gendered at all – that’s just how I’ve used it to express myself. I tend to wear what society deems ‘masculine clothing’, even though that shouldn’t mean anything.

Weather? Rebellion? Comfort? Trends? When you’re creating an outfit, where do you begin?

I think it definitely comes from a comfort point of view. You’ll never see me in a pair of heels. I normally pick a statement item and then work my outfit around that. If I’m wearing a knitted jumper with crazy colours, I’ll start from there. Or perhaps my Crocs will serve as the starting point and I’ll create an outfit based on them.

You’re set to be included in a new music documentary alongside other industry heavyweights. Shoe design, music, and documentary star. Tell me so I feel better, what is something you’re bad at?

Hilariously, I’m really bad at listening. During conversations, I’ll sometimes just zone out. If someone is talking to me, I’m looking at their face but my mind is just in another world. I’m also really messy and lazy. Oh, and whenever I run out of toilet paper, I never replace the roll. They just keep stacking up and I know that’s annoying.

Many of us are stuck in lockdown with only our screens (and Crocs) to turn to. What is something you have consumed recently that you recommend to our readers?

I go through random obsessions (they change monthly) but at the moment, I’m really into flowers. So random, but I get so excited to go to the shops and pick out a big bunch for my house. We currently have three bunches in our small two-bedroom apartment – fucking flowers everywhere.

I don’t actually watch TV but Stranger Things hooked me in. I don’t even watch movies, really. I have no idea what I do with my time. Just stare and think about things. Crocs, mostly.

The G Flip Crocs collaboration is dropping September 15 exclusively at Platypus Australia and Crocs Australia online. To celebrate, join G Flip at 6pm on @platypus_sneakers for a live performance. Fans will be given the opportunity to win the collaborative clogs, plus other merch and prizes. 

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