Apparently G Flip manifested her sellout Crocs collab



“This is something I’ve been working towards and pushing towards for years.”

G Flip has partnered with Crocs to release the ultimate tie-dye summer shoe for those with a penchant for fun things. Unsurprisingly, given the immense popularity of both parties involved in this collab, the collection sold out in minutes. Phew.

Now I know I needn’t remind you about the immense power of Crocs. It was only earlier this year that this very publication went on a convincing tirade as to just how fashionable these comfortable, perfectly ‘ugly’ clog/shoe/sandal hybrids are.

These feel-good manifestations of happiness are a feast for the senses the second your feet land in them. Innovations like advanced ergonomic design, uber lightweight technology, and a massaging footbed are just the tip of the iceberg.

We also needn’t remind you about the immense power of Australian musician G Flip. Part musician, part queer icon, part footwear designer, G Flip (born Georgia Flipo) and her voice have been an integral part of sound-tracking your barbeques since her debut album landed in August 2019.

What many don’t know, however, is that G Flip has long been dubbed Australia’s queen of Crocs. Don’t believe me? Just check out her Wikipedia page.

I wish I was smooth enough to hack in and edit that biography in time for publishing this article, but alas I am not. Someone else beat me to it, only reinforcing the fact that this collaboration is manifestation at its finest.

But on to the shoe. Despite it being sold out, it’s worth talking about (if only in the hopes that we can manifest another drop from Crocs). The shoe not only features the unique multi-coloured pastel print, but also comes with a curated collection of Crocs Jibbitz charms, each unique to the Crocs queen and her personal style.

To coincide with the drop, G Flip has released a new banger, aptly titled ‘I’D RATHER GO TO BED.’ The song speaks to the peace we feel when we fall asleep and dream – which is apparently a place where she conjures up a Crocs collaboration. Isn’t it grouse to see dreams come true?

“Speaking of dreams and manifestation, it’s also pretty fitting that my personal dream of having my own Crocs collab is dropping on the same day [as the new single],” she said of the collaboration.

“This is something I’ve been working towards and pushing towards for years and I’m so excited to finally have a custom G Flip x Crocs design to share with you all!”

Make sure you watch the music video below for a Minecraft aesthetic and an epic Crocs easter egg. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for another potential drop of the G Flip x Crocs Classic Clog.


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