Gucci gets political with pro-choice Cruise runway

Images via Gucci
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

‘My Body My Choice’

No industry can exist completely separate from politics – a fact that was readily embraced at Gucci’s recent runway.

The very timely issue of abortion laws was heavily represented across the Cruise 2020 collection, with one blazer bearing the slogan ‘My Body My Choice’.

Other designs featured glittering uterus imagery and the date May 22, 1978 – the day abortion was legalised in Italy.

References to the ’70s were particularly strong. Creative Director Alessandro Michelle said this was because “in this time women, through what they wore, freed themselves of everything enforced on them from previous centuries.”

Commentary on gender equality was also sprinkled throughout the range, with male models dressed in flowing gowns and the logo for Gucci’s Chime for Change campaign appearing on a number of pieces.

Judging by the use of religious imagery throughout the collection, it’s likely no coincidence that the runway was held in Rome, home to the Vatican and the heart of the Catholic Church.

You can watch the full runway here.

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