Gucci is being sued over its iPhone cases

Image via Gucci

Another day, another law suit.

US accessories brand Cardshark is suing Gucci for a line of iPhone cases that allegedly infringe its copyright.

Cardshark is arguing that a number of Gucci’s iPhone 7 cases feature the same credit card pocket design the brand has patented. The design in question includes a simple slot on the back of the case. So basically, Cardshark’s argument is that no other phone case can have a credit card slot on the back.

According to The Fashion Law, Cardshark’s patent  ‘generally relates to a wireless handheld device protective wallet covering with certain features, including a window housing on the front side of the product, a rear protective face, with an externally accessible pocket that allows the insertion and removal of cards or paper currency.’

Gucci is yet to respond to the claims.

In the past, Cardshark has won settlements against Michael Kors and Kate Spade for the same reason.

You can check out an illustration of Cardshark’s patent below (left) compared with a Gucci phone case (right).


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