Gucci is releasing printed tote bags for your next grocery shop

Image via Gucci
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Available for preorder.

If you haven’t already discovered the practicality of a good tote bag (especially for those weekly Woolies shops), it’s about time you got on that.

On the luxury end, Gucci has released a range of patterned tote bags, with enough space for all of your essentials (and nonessentials).

The boxy bags arrive in six different patterns, from pastel florals and checks to more minimal designs. One particular bag sports a gold Gucci emblem on an all-black surface, with an alternative pink iteration on offer.

For extra durability, the designs are crafted from lightweight cotton, and feature a removable bottom support to help retain the bag’s shape.

In terms of pricing, the totes will set you back $1000, so choose your print wisely.

You can preorder the totes here.


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