Hana Tajima x UNIQLO celebrates the strength and beauty of women

Words by Maki Morita

Functional, contemporary designs in soft beiges and jewel tones.

Feminine elegance merges with masculine tailoring for Hana Tajima’s latest Lifewear collection made in collaboration with UNIQLO. The British-born, New York-based designer is known for her functional, versatile designs that can be worn by women from diverse backgrounds of age, race, culture, and belief.

The theme for the 2020 Fall/Winter collection is Underground, taken in the literal sense of digging deep down into the earth — think soft beiges, natural browns, and shimmering emerald greens reminiscent of gems.

Tajima wanted the collection to celebrate the strength and beauty of women and their ability to adapt to change with grace and elegance. This is realised through Tajima’s consideration of how the clothes she designs will move with the body. “That is the interesting thing about designing clothes. They are not static pieces of art, they are made to be worn, to be creased [and] to adapt,” she muses.

Hana Tajima’s exclusive 2020 Fall/Winter collection Underground made in collaboration with UNIQLO will launch from February 27 at select UNIQLO Australia stores and online.




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