H&M will now share its supplier names and factory locations in a bid for greater transparency

Image via H&M/Facebook
Words by Christina Karras

Transparency is trending.

Fashion giant H&M has announced that it will now share more details about its supply chain.

In a move towards greater transparency, customers in H&M’s 47 online markets (which sadly excludes Australia) can now access information online regarding a garment’s production country, supplier name, factory name and even its address.

Shoppers can also read this information while in store, by using the H&M app to scan the price tag on a product.

“By being open and transparent about where our products are made we hope to set the bar for our industry and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices. With transparency comes responsibility, making transparency such an important factor to help create a more sustainable fashion industry,” said H&M’s Head of Sustainability Isak Roth in a release.

The announcement comes in time for Fashion Revolution Week, and with big brands like H&M making these changes, it seems the movement is at work. Fingers crossed this initiative makes its way to Australia.


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