Hey, I Like Your Style! Keely B on her favourite vintage treasures and why she’ll never regret an outfit



A homage to the ’70s and anything with fur sleeves.

We know personal style is a journey (I’m looking at you, Tumblr years), so we’ve introduced a new series Hey, I Like Your Style! diving into the fashion psyche of our favourite creatives. We’re talking the good, the bad and the 2007.

While the internet has made our fashion icons feel closer than ever before, even the most effortless of outfits came from a closet with some (well-dressed) skeletons. Clickable product tags, photo archives and lives chronicled in 30-second clips just don’t tell the full story.

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These are the stories behind the wardrobes, exploring how we develop our own personal style. There’s a brilliance behind the way we choose to express ourselves and at FJ, we know every outfit has a story.

Keely B’s style is distinctively unpredictable; her Instagram a colourful archive filled with vintage floral prints, cowboy boots and the iconic ‘infusion selfies‘ – because she never misses the opportunity for a fire fit. Amassing an audience of over 40,000, Keely uses her platform to speak candidly about her experiences with chronic illness and invisible/dynamic disability, proving you can have your bejewelled cane and leopard-print cardi too.

Who are you and what do you like to wear?

I’m Keely and I love to wear clothes that make me feel confident!

What has your style evolution looked like?

Going through my Instagram and seeing how much my style’s changed is so interesting! I think I’m definitely finding my style more now and discovering what I actually like instead of buying whatever’s trendy. Looking back at my style two or three years ago, I didn’t feel like I fit into the ‘Instagrammable’ fashion box.

I was looking for out-there, crazy and colourful pieces. Since the ’70s have made a comeback in the past year, I’ve had a wardrobe awakening. I think I’ve always been drawn to that era. I love how colourful it is – also the monochromatic brown looks – I love the flares, the extravagance and the effortlessness. I try not to confine myself to one style, but I always add that ’70s touch.

Do you feel like you’ve gained confidence in the way you dress?

Definitely! When I look good, I feel good. Particularly when I’m wearing vibrant colours, bright patterns and trying to have fun with my outfits. When I was trying to fit in, it never felt like me. Now I just wear what makes me feel confident and most like myself – if that’s five different colours in one outfit, so be it.

Personal style is a journey. Have you ever felt like you needed to fit into a particular fashion box?

I definitely did when I was growing up – but in my opinion, that’s an integral part of discovering your personal style. If I didn’t experiment with different looks, I don’t think I’d be where I am now. I’ll admit – sometimes I still fall into that ‘safe zone’ if I’m struggling with my confidence; I think my outfits are a direct reflection of how I’m feeling at that moment.

I’m indecisive; I feel like my tastes change every week. When I was younger, I felt really anxious honouring those style fluctuations and stepping out of the box, but I’ve now realised I like a little of everything. I just allow myself to wear what I like, when I like.

Take us back to those awkward teenage years. Do you have any fashion regrets?

Honestly, I don’t. I still have so many of the pieces I wore as a teen. I often used to op shop with my mum and because of that, I’ve been able to keep and re-wear the pieces from my teen years. I don’t regret anything!

What are the most expensive and least expensive items in your wardrobe?

The most expensive is probably a Rat and Boa dress – that amazing champagne one – and I’m way too scared to wear it anywhere because it’s so gorgeous. Or my House of Sunny items. The least expensive would be any piece I’ve found at the op shop! I think my $4 cowboy-looking, Italian-leather brown boots would be my favourites.

What is the most meaningful fashion piece you own?

My mum’s RM Williams boots. She got them when she was younger and being able to wear them myself after all of these years is really special. I’ll be honest – I don’t vibe with the new RM Wiliams as much, but these ones are a beautiful cut. I go through phases of wearing them all the time and they’ll never be something I can get rid of. I steal my parent’s clothing frequently.

What’s in your cart at the moment?

Not much at the moment… I’ve been having so much luck with op shopping that I haven’t needed to go online – the ideal situation!

What fashion piece are you saving for right now?

A ’60s or ’70s jumpsuit. I’ve been incessantly messaging every vintage seller I know to hold one if they ever find it. Or anything vintage with fur sleeves – I’m looking for the perfect August birthday outfit.

What are the wardrobe items you wear on repeat?

I can’t think of anything in particular, just because I re-wear the majority of my wardrobe. I find it so hard deciding what to wear when I go out, primarily because I have so many pieces I love. Thrifted pants, jeans, my Omighty and House of Sunny pieces are probably what I gravitate towards most often. I also wear my Asos cherry loafers when I leave the house, they’re so easy.

Who are your favourite local designers?

Karla Laidlaw, MGN by Megan, Hollie Graphic, Anastasia Mannix, Chantelle Lucyl, Bye Bambi, Dyspnea, Alix Higgins, Maroske Peech, Sexiaz, High Rack, Olivia Rowan, Hello Sisi, Sabatucci, Jumbled Jewellery, Madalene Roper, Scarlet and Sam.

Find an archive of Keely’s killer looks here.

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