Kering, H&M and more have committed to new sustainable practices

Images via Global Fashion Agenda
Words by Veronica Stanford

An important step.

Global Fashion Agenda has released its first-ever CEO Agenda, detailing seven of the most crucial sustainability processes fashion brands need to undertake in 2018.

The not-for-profit organisation collaborated with Kering (Gucci, YSL, Puma, Balenciaga), H&M, Target and more on the first edition, which offers clear guidance for company executives to focus their sustainability efforts.

According to GFA, it’s the first time such key industry players have joined forces to agree on environmentally-friendly measures for their brands to take.

Supply chain traceability; efficient use of water, chemicals and energy; and respectful and secure work environments have been listed as the top priorities for brands, with GFA citing these as needing immediate implementation.

The report then lists four “transformational priorities” which will help ensure fundamental changes in the industry are made. They are:

  • Developing new, sustainable fibres and reducing the negative effects of existing fibres
  • Creating closed-loop fashion systems
  • Implementing better wage systems
  • Engaging with other brands and manufacturers to embrace the transition of workforces

You can read the full agenda here.


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