Kincs makes jewellery inspired by your grandma

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Words by Anthony Graetz

Nanna chic.

“I like working with things that are pretty, as silly as that sounds. It’s awesome being surrounded by sparkly jewellery every day,” says Doone Roisin, the founder and designer of her own jewellery line, Kincs. 

Adding another notch to her already impressive belt, the Australian entrepreneur has delved into the glittery world of jewellery. Kincs, translating to ‘treasure’ in Hungarian, is her heirloom-inspired jewellery line reminiscent of your grandma’s jewellery box. 

“I’ve always wanted to start a business that was creative, fun and empowering to women,” she says. “Something where I could use my experience and skill set to really bring that brand to life.”

Roisin already has a well-established professional career in digital marketing and social media and stumbled upon the accessories world by chance. With no experience in silversmithing or jewellery design, she’s successfully created a label that is now stocked around the world. She credits her digital marketing and social media background for its success. 

“I may not have had a background in jewellery, but I definitely had a background in digital marketing and social media, and knew how to sell a brand.” 

While attending a London market early last year, Roisin came across a jewellery wholesaler who had a stall. Like a magpie, her eyes immediately caught the sparkliest pair of earrings. 

“I fell in love straight away. I’d never seen anything like them – I think I bought about twenty pairs,” she laughs. 

With her hopes high and pockets full, Roisin headed home to take photos of her latest purchases, wondering if it could be a potential business venture. She advertised the earrings on her Instagram account and had made a sale within a few hours. 

“I was just so ecstatic when I made the first sale. I knew I was onto something.”

Over the past year, Kincs has blossomed from a bedroom idea to a successful business. The jewellery line sells to 30 countries around the world, has an online store, and a hefty social media presence.

Roisin credits her background in digital marketing and social media for Kincs’ success. Having previously worked for brands such as The Iconic and Snapchat, she was able to implement an effective social media strategy for her own brand. 

Catching the attention of Vogue, Who What Wear, Refinery29 and Instyle, Kincs has become a popular choice when looking for affordable yet stylish jewellery. 

The latest collection, Grandma’s Treasure Box, is reminiscent of the vintage or costume pieces you’d find exactly there. With an array of gold pendants, real pearls and sparkly accessories, it’s old-world styles with a modern sparkle. 

When asked about the inspiration for her new collection, Roisin replied, “my grandma always wore vintage treasures ever since I can remember. As a child, I found myself rummaging through her jewellery box all the time.”

“It was such a huge part of my life and I really wanted to share it with everyone.”

From sketching the designs to sourcing the materials overseas and building the samples herself, the line is a completely a one-woman show. 

“To help with the jewellery-making, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and remember back to my beading days as a child,” she laughs.

With such a strong brand emphasis on empowering women, Rosin credits the success of Kincs to the females in her life, both family and friends. 

“I have all these people who are my cheerleaders,” she says. “It’s the small things that count. From buying products to spreading the word, I really couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends, family and fiancé.”

With the success of Grandma’s Treasure Box, Roisin has thoughts about developing Kincs in the upcoming months. 

“I’m bringing back these jewellery bags which were really popular a few collections ago,” she says. “I’m also collaborating with social media influencer, Whitney Valverde, to bring out a new pendant necklace.”

Planning to move back to Australia in the near future as well, Roisin’s taking Kincs on the road with her.

“I’m not sure what’s next for Kincs when I’m back in Australia. Just expect, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.”

You can shop Grandma’s Jewellery Box here. 


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