Melbourne label Goldie + Ace is bringing Sesame Street to its next collection



The bird is back.

I recently found myself Googling, ‘Is nostalgia an emotion?’. To me, it’s more powerful than anger, sadness, loneliness, happiness or joy. Nostalgia embraces all the senses and hits us at the most unexpected, often most needed, moments.

Sometimes a quick trip down memory lane is enough to get my fire started again. It allows me to embody the innocence and zest for life that my childhood. It was a time when everything felt hopeful, big and ready for me to explore. 

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I’m willing to do almost anything to get me there. I might even purchase some toddler-sized clothing (for a child that doesn’t exist), all in the name of nostalgia. Melbourne kidswear label Goldie + Ace makes that notion properly appealing with its undeniably ‘cool’ take on newborn, baby and toddler fashion.

As the brand’s creative director Loui Burke tells me, each collection is “inspired by the clothes we grew up with, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia amongst our team’s early years, the 1980s and 1990s”. 

With just one look at the new collection I am transported to the clutter-filled cubby nests I made as a child, hiding in towers of sheets, piling my books and belongings all around me, giggling, playing, watching quality ABC Kids TV. (Is it just me, or are children’s TV shows just not made the same anymore? A topic for a later date). 

The latest collection will submerge you in a pool of memories, as it’s a collaboration with none other than Sesame Street. Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo are the beloved characters that make this one extra special. 

“In true Goldie + Ace style, the designs draw inspiration from the team’s childhood outfits, flicking through family photos and vintage online archives to bring back some childhood favourite Sesame Street wardrobe staples,” says Loui. Goldie + Ace’s unisex signature styles are “printed with all your favourite characters from the beloved children’s show”.

The process involved sourcing vintage garments from Depop and eBay which acted as further inspiration for the designs. Together with Sesame Workshop, the non-profit behind the TV show, these memories and nostalgic pieces helped bring the collection to life. “There’s so much history behind the brand, and it was so fun to look through the archives.”

The final collection features vintage-cut tees, a chunky rainbow sweater, corduroy overalls (!!), sherpa sweaters, trackpants and rompers that put my toddler wardrobe to shame. (Honestly, an adult-sized version of Elmo’s Corduroy Jacket would serve as a constant dose of the old nostalgia syrup). 

Without getting too philosophical here, there is something particularly uplifting about Sesame Street. The first-ever episode aired in November 1969; 53 years later, children worldwide are still viewing it, entranced by the array of characters, clever storytelling and the way it tackles real-life issues. It’s universally recognised and binds many of us together.  

As Loui puts it, “In addition to creating great childhood memories filled with laughter and learning, Sesame Street has remained authentic, continually showing a wide range of diverse characters and opening up conversations [by] encouraging inclusivity in a seriously joyful way.” 

I ask Loui what message this specific range hopes to share. “Joy, inclusivity, fun in learning,” he says. In tumultuous times, it’s these words we need to grasp. We can’t change the world in an instant, but we can make it a better place with an open heart and mind.  

Although, Goldie + Ace also does its part to sit in the conscious fashion space, with ethically-sourced garments and exceptional craftsmanship, the overarching philosophy is “buy less, wear it more and pass it on”.

It also offers customers a free repair service to keep those pieces in action for longer. “From the fabric to the workmanship, our aim is to create garments that can withstand the test of time and are cherished along the way,” says Loui. 

All this nostalgia talk has me desperate to slurp up a few soggy Weet-Bix with ABC Kids switched on. Give me a Le Snack and let me jump on the trampoline all afternoon. “There’s nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling of reminiscing,” Loui tells me. Parenthood, it seems, is a perfect way to channel these emotions.

“Everyone has memories from their early days which are brought up and highlighted in conversations among new parents. This naturally leads us onto creating garments that enable parents to relive those memories and create new ones with their own little ones.” Let the memories and the lessons live on. Is anybody else keen on a Round the Twist collab next?

To discover the collection, head here.

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