Louis Vuitton wins a legal battle against makers of Pooey Puitton toy handbag

Image via @poopsieslimesurprise/Instagram
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Sorry, Pooey.

A lengthy and confusing legal battle between Louis Vuitton and a parody toy line has finally come to an end.

Toy company MGA Entertainment has apparently been trying to sue LV for interfering with sales of its novelty kids’ product Pooey Puitton – a poop shaped purse used to hold slime and other toys.

The plastic carry-case does resemble an LV bag, with an all over monogram print and a white and rainbow colour scheme similar to the label’s iconic Takashi Murakami purses.

Customers are unlikely to get it confused with the real thing, however, seeing as it’s made of plastic and shaped like a cartoon poo. Not exactly LV’s style.

In the lawsuit, which was filed last year, the company said it was suing based on LVMH’s “history of not respecting parody rights in the US and filing vexatious lawsuits against such protected parody.”

This was seemingly a pre-emptive move on MGA’s part, as LV had not filed a trademark suit against the company prior to this point.

Unfortunately for MGA, Los Angeles Judge John Walter backed LV’s dismissal of the case, on the grounds that there was no “actual controversy” between the two brands.

But the good news is that Pooey Puitton will live to fight another day. Long live Pooey.


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