Camilla and Marc’s new campaign supports Ovarian Cancer research

Words by Maki Morita

Let’s talk about ovaries, baby.

Ovarian cancer has no cure, no early detection test, and limited funding for research. It’s a type of cancer a lot of us don’t know much about, let alone talk about, yet three women die from the disease every day in Australia. For these reasons, Camilla and Marc want us to talk about ovaries.

The Australian fashion label has created two limited edition t-shirt collections for their latest campaign Ovaries. Talk about them. All proceeds will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research UNSW Sydney to assist Associate Professor Caroline Ford and her team in developing an early detection test. The cause is something Camilla and Marc’s creative director Camilla Freeman-Topper and CEO Marc Freeman hold close to their hearts, as they sadly lost their mother to ovarian cancer when they were children.

Camilla and Marc want Australians to speak more openly about ovaries and ovarian cancer saying “There is a social taboo that exists when it comes to the word ovaries and a general lack of awareness about this type of cancer.” The more conversation we have, the better, as it will raise more awareness, hopefully resulting in more money being put towards finding a cure.

The first limited edition t-shirt has been made in collaboration with Perth based artist Rina Freiberg. In honour of all things femme, the design celebrates the female form and has ‘Ovaries. Talk about them’ printed on the back. Acknowledging our power to affect collective change, the second t-shirt is emblazoned with the words ‘Power and Solidarity’.

The t-shirts are now available online and in-store at Camilla and Marc boutiques nationwide. You can share your experience of Camilla and Marc’s new campaign on social media with the tags #ovariestalkaboutthem #powerandsolidarity and #CAMILLAANDMARC.



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