10 Melbourne creatives on how they’re styling denim this season


Doubling down.

When I think of classic design, denim jeans instantly spring to mind. Though virtually everyone owns and wears jeans, not everyone does so in the same fashion. 

Naarm-based slow denim producer Nobody Denim knows this and crafts its denim accordingly, by allowing for personalisation. From fabric production to quality control, the Nobody Denim team keep consumers front-of-mind throughout the entire design process.

Whether you like donning a classic ‘blue jean and white tee’ combo, or go for something a little more adventurous by layering up dyed denim pieces, denim is synonymous with individuality for a reason.  

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Nobody Denim’s most recent Autumn campaign celebrates a return to creativity and community, and features a selection of some of our favourite local creatives. For my role in the campaign, I opted for a double denim look (I’m firmly in the ‘the more denim in one outfit, the better’ camp).

Fulfilling the Naarm local stereotype, a completely all-black look felt just right for me and my style, incorporating Nobody Denim’s Emilie Jean and Angelica Dress in the shade Secrets. My modern take on the 2000s dress-over-pants trend, this combo is the ideal mixture of Y2K and classic denim design. 

Here’s where the rest of the creatives in the campaign found their inspiration.

Eyes of Bel, musician

I never used to wear denim. It made me feel exposed, vulnerable, and at times, ugly. Now, I’ve come to appreciate how denim hugs and comforts you, the way all clothing should. On the day of the campaign, when I saw the Nobody Denim Lou Crop Wisdom Jeans and the Luxe Rib Singlet in black (my favourite colour) that I’d selected, I knew for sure that I had re-fallen in love with denim.

I felt incredible, particularly with my statement vintage Louis Vuitton cowboy boots and Jil Sander boxy shirt. Such a vibe. Now, you’ll see me in denim night or day, usually with a high, high heel, in my element; in my power.


Kristy Wu, content creator

I love an all-white look and I went for the Nobody Denim Clementine Skirt in Peaches and Cream, and Demi Jacket in the same shade, because a matching set always looks so put together. I love wearing midi skirts with boots because it just looks so chic.


Su Park, model and artist

This season, I’m feeling matching set pieces like Nobody Denim’s Andi Jean and Anorak. It’s the easiest way to save time on deciding what to wear, while still looking effortlessly refined and stylish.

I’ve been loving the bright blue denims lately because they always provide that vibrant energy with maximum comfort. I can mix and match to make the look sporty or classy, depending on what accessories and other items I match with.


Jess Choi, ceramicist

Jeans are one of those items you outfit repeat and get away with! So, I think it’s really worth investing in well-fitted, high-quality jeans. My go-to style is high waisted, tapered jeans – just like these Sadie jeans I’m wearing in the campaign from Nobody Denim. 

This style has been my wardrobe staple for as long as I can remember because of its comfort and versatility. I love to pair them with a cropped top and accessorise with some simple earrings and a necklace. Roll them up to an ankle length and wear them with your favourite pair of Dr. Martens, or have them full-length with sleek heels and red lipstick for an easy, going out look.


Sabina McKenna, model and curator

Going into winter, I’m looking forward to repurposing some of my favourite summer pieces by layering them with denim. 

I’ve been wearing a few brightly coloured tops on rotation, like the red Paloma Wool long sleeve pictured here under my Nobody Denim Libby Jumpsuit in Strive. And I’ve also been loving darker denim in general, as it makes any bold colours paired with it really pop.


Ginger and Carman, content creators

Jeans to us are like the quintessential backdrop to all your favourite pieces, except they are never in the background! We style them up or down, but always with a contrast to add the next level edge. If Carman wears torn jeans like the Nobody Denim Siren Skinny, she’ll glamourise them with a show-stopping gold brocaded jacket perfect for an autumn evening out dancing. 

But comfort is never compromised, so skinny jeans with that touch of stretch is a must. Now that further escapades are allowed in Melbourne, this season we’ll be throwing in a pair of those in the overnight bag. Oh, and the local manufacturing element really speaks to us!

Ginger is somebody who still wears her vintage denim. That’s her baseline for denim – high waisted, classic leg, not stretchy, and with an indigo fade like a dream. The Nobody Denim shoot was an opportunity to try something completely new which is part of the G&C mantra. She went slim, ripped, tight and pale, sliding into the Kennedy style and dressing them up not down, ready for some long-awaited nightlife. 

The sleek Kennedy style called for some edgy glam, so Ginger chose a woollen pinstriped vest (Ukraine designed and made), a fake fur scarf from Paris, and pointy kitten heels from the op shop. Lastly, lipstick and attitude and the night is ours.


Onella Muralidharan, model and interior designer

This season, I was inspired to step outside my comfort zone and try out some new styles. As someone who has spent the last two years in activewear and loungewear, I wanted to bring denim back to my wardrobe. The idea was to style the Nobody Denim Madison Shirt in Strive in a ’70s-esque look. I styled this shirt with a mesh, star-printed shirt underneath for a pop of grunge, and lightened the outfit with a denim-coloured skirt.

The skirt was an accidental moment, but helped me push my creativity and style. I felt like I was transported to a new self through this look. There are endless ways to style denim, but I like to keep it fun, keep it stylish and keep it classic.


Hansika, designer and stylist

Denim [styles] were some of the many pieces I sourced when I first started styling. Now, I’ve invested into many versatile denim pieces, even making some of my own. The Lou Jeans really stood out to me considering I’m often drawn to baggy fits and dark washed colours. I paired them with the matching Demi Jacket, giving a classic ’90s outfit.

I styled both pieces with one of my own designs – an abstract-inspired, denim halter-neck top – giving an all-over, denim-on-denim-on-denim look. I completed the outfit with black sandal platforms. I love this simple yet versatile look, perfect for everyday casual wear.


Explore Nobody Denim’s AU22 collection here

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