Mario Carlucci’s grandfather walked the Strateas Carlucci runway last night

Images via Lucas Dawson Photography


Designers Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci have long been stalwarts of Melbourne’s fashion industry, so a show to themselves in the industrial setting of Eureka Tower’s vacant 85th floor was well deserved.

The designers served a powerful show driven by texture and shape. The duo is known for its contemporary and offbeat approach to classic tailoring, and last night’s offering was a testament to what they do best. Deconstructed and androgynous silhouettes were delivered alongside a small range of fluid, draped styles, showcasing the breadth of the pair’s talent.

The show also reminded us that style is not limited by age – on either side of the spectrum. Both Mario’s son and grandfather walked the runway to roaring applause, as did Bior, the little brother of this year’s M/FW ambassador Adut Akech. Each model looked refined yet nonchalantly cool, proof that Strateas Carlucci has nailed its formula for dressing.

Shop the range now at Strateas Carlucci.


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