Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are going fur-free in 2018

Michael Kors fur campaign

Image via Michael Kors
Words by Tara Smith


In a true win for the world, two more global fashion houses have announced they’re going fur-free in 2018.

Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo will adopt the fur-free policy as soon as February 2018, with plans to eradicate fur completely by the end of the year.

John Idol, executive chief officer for Michael Kors, confirmed the news to WWD. Jimmy Choo, which was recently acquired by Michael Kors, will also adopt the policy.

The announcement comes after PETA protesters shut down an interview with Michael Kors at the Museum of Metropolitan Art in June.

It also follows several other luxury fashion houses abandoning the use of fur, including Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.


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