Hey, I Like Your Style! Exploring the wardrobe of Melbourne content producer, Michelle Bañares



Tabis, tanks and thrift finds.

We know personal style is a journey (I’m looking at you, Tumblr years), so we’ve introduced a new series Hey, I Like Your Style! diving into the fashion psyche of our favourite creatives. We’re talking the good, the bad and the 2007.

While the internet has made our fashion icons feel closer than ever before, even the most effortless of outfits came from a closet with some (well-dressed) skeletons. Clickable product tags, photo archives and lives chronicled in 30-second clips just don’t tell the full story.

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These are the stories behind the wardrobes, exploring how we develop our own personal style. There’s a brilliance behind the way we choose to express ourselves and at FJ, we know every outfit has a story.

This week, we’re taking a step into the eclectic wardrobe of Melbourne content producer, Michelle Bańares. A mix of local designers, luxury streetwear and Depop gems, Michelle’s style is all about finding the sweet spot between high-end streetwear and $8 thrift finds.

With fashion as her full-time job, she describes her sartorial journey as a mission to find “pieces that make me happy, suit my silhouette and give me confidence”. Read on for her style journey.

Who are you and what do you like to wear?

My name is Michelle Bañares (sometimes ‘Mish’ or ‘Mic’) and I’m a content producer. It’s currently summer in Australia and super hot in Melbourne (thanks, La Niña) so you’ll find me in my most recently-found vintage bottoms, a tank and loafers!

What has your style evolution looked like? Do you feel like you’ve gained confidence in the way you dress?

I’ve always loved dressing up. Throughout my teen years, I found myself dressing more for other people (and to impress boys… I know, I know). Now being in my mid-20s, my style reflects my confidence – I wear things I like and feel comfortable in. So you could say my viewpoint on fashion has evolved.

Personal style is a journey. Have you ever felt like you needed to fit into a particular fashion box?

If you’d asked me this a few years ago, I probably would’ve said yes. Over the years, I feel like I’ve found the pieces that make me happy, suit my silhouette and give me confidence. As long I maintain the same outlook, that’s the only fashion box I want to be in!

Take us back to those awkward teenage years. Do you have any fashion regrets?

It was all a learning curve, hey?! Your teenage years are definitely there for experimenting… but I definitely made some questionable fashion choices. Looking back, the family albums continue to remind me of them. Hmm… let’s just say there were multiple layers of Supre camisoles involved. IYKYK.

What are the most expensive and least expensive items in your wardrobe?

I’m a sucker for shoes, so my most expensive would probably be my Nike Jordan x Off White Chicagos. My least expensive would be the $8 blazer I thrifted! It’s definitely all about mixing the highs and lows in my wardrobe [laughs].

What is the most meaningful fashion piece you own?

The black polka dot dress I wore to death throughout my pregnancy! It was my go-to and I basically wore it every day because it was so comfy (I refused to wear any ‘maternity wear’). The fabric is still stretched in the shape of my baby bump, so it’s a nice reminder of little baby Zev inside my tummy!

What’s in your cart at the moment?

A bunch of Skims essentials and Maison Margiela Tabi ballerina flats, in both dark brown and black… I’m indecisive!

What fashion piece are you saving for right now? 

The ICONIC Chanel slingbacks have been on my wish list forever but I’m saving for when the time comes. Maybe as a gift for myself at the end of the year? I like to leave big purchases as a reward for a pinch-me work opportunity!

What are the wardrobe items you wear on repeat?

You can never go wrong with a high-quality tank and black trousers! The perfect base to build any outfit with; there are so many ways you can style an outfit from there.

Who are your favourite local designers?

I’ve just recently discovered Postel and Suku Home. They’re both Melbourne-based designers I’m itching to purchase from! You’ll also never see me leave the house without wearing a piece from Anna Rosi Jewellery, I love her sm!

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