Perth jewellery label Miro Miro’s latest collection is inspired by Chinese heirlooms and the beauty of ‘otherness’

Words by Sally Edwards

Intricate heirlooms meets minimalist design.

Perth-based designer and founder of Miro Miro, Andrea Goh, sees jewellery as more than just the final touch to an outfit, but as an extension of oneself.

Miro Miro’s SS20 collection finds influence from Goh’s own Chinese heritage and the intricate heirlooms that exist within it. Through this exploration of culture, Goh is challenging the wearer to rethink and be empowered by narratives of ‘otherness’.

Miro Miro’s debut collection in 2019 featured onyx stones in orange and green (recurring colours in Chinese culture) but this time around, the range finds its power in structure and simplicity.

The selection of rings and earrings borrow the shapes found in antique Chinese tapestries, prints and hairpins. Crafted from rhodium-plated sterling silver, 18K gold-plated brass and ethically sourced semi-precious stones, Miro Miro jewellery is designed for longevity.

The collection’s key piece, the Dries earring, with its three wavy lines that meet at a stone at the lobe, was inspired by the type of hair combs that Goh would find in her grandmother’s jewellery box as a child. The rest of the line feels this way too: retrospective in its allure, yet modern in its minimalism.

The collection comprises of pieces ranging from $155 to $270 and is available to purchase now at Miro Miro.


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