5 Melbourne creatives on their favourite post-lockdown look


Freedom awaits.

It’s been a bloody long year. For Melburnians in particular, it feels like we’ve been stuck living the same day since sometime in March (I have newfound sympathy for Bill Murray’s plight in the film Groundhog Day.)

While enduring one of the world’s toughest lockdowns, many of us have struggled with mental health issues, job insecurity and losses, health and body image issues, relationships breaking up, and the (quite frankly ridiculous) pressure to ‘make the most’ of this enforced downtime, as if being productive during a global crisis were that easy.

Putting the difficulties of this period aside, fashion, and more broadly the way we dress, is an area that has gone through a lot of changes this year. We’ve collectively embraced comfort over everything else, and it’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay post-lockdown, as tracksuits and elasticated waistbands have firmly cemented their place in our day-to-day wardrobes.

But now that lockdown has lifted (hallelujah!), we have the chance to debut our online purchases and dust off some of the items that have been neglected and ignored for the majority of this year. To get a feel for how people are dressing now, we asked five Melbourne creatives to show us their favourite freedom-inspired look and tell us what they’re most looking forward to now that we’re returning to some semblance of normality.

Lara Fisher, founder of interiors brand P0ly

“During lockdown, I had grandiose plans of never dressing boring again.  I envisaged throwing out my uniform of all black and wearing imaginary Ganni printed dresses with bright coats and red lipstick. Honestly, though, I haven’t bought any clothes in over seven months aside from these purple Crocs… and I LOVE them. My days are spent getting pretty dirty (making P0ly pieces) and I know I’ll be grouting today so I’ve got my old trusted Levi’s on paired with my Crocs (obviously) and this cute little top that always makes me feel fresh. Jeans are my comfort zone and with the world feeling so strange I couldn’t really imagine wearing anything else right now. I’m off to get a long mac and a pastry – ciao.”


Maggie Zhou, FJ contributor, writer and sustainable fashion advocate

“Taking my usual morning masked-up walk on the day restrictions eased was strangely wonderful. I teared up at the sight of people sitting down inside cafes! That’s honestly one of the things I’ve missed the most – the simple pleasure of eating food with cutlery that’s not my own. Within 12 hours of restrictions easing, I already had my first brunch outing. I’ve also become completely put off by restrictive clothes and tight waistbands. I used to forego comfort for the sake of a look, but not anymore. I’ll be living in billowing, cottagecore pieces and tiered, linen dresses, thank you very much. Gold jewellery and sneakers are also a must.”


Madison Finn, hairdresser

“My post-lockdown fit would definitely be this bright orange cute AF Daisy dress, paired with this black @stasev.stasev mask and this bag my friend @jackson.now37 made, I luvvv it! I have been wearing trackies all year and just want to put something fun on and run around drinking margaritas with my friends. A few things that I’m really excited for coming out of lockdown would be getting back to work and making everyone’s hair look beautiful again! Sitting in a bar with my best friends and ordering  heaps of cocktails and pizza and going shopping IRL!”


Savannah Anand-Sobti, stylist and co-founder of Ladies of Leisure

“What I’m most looking forward to post-lockdown is adventures outside of our 5/25 km radius with my pals! Any nice body of water will do (apart from the Merri creek, I’ve seen enough of it for this year). I recently bought a cotton pyjama set from @tlcworld__ and as you can see I’ve been wearing the top out and about. I wore this outfit to the dentist that day and she commented ‘Oh you look so comfy!’, which is something I often get. Lol! Yep, I’m comfy and it’s on purpose! All-day, every day and night. My mask is from E Nolan. Emily used Liberty fabrics for some of her masks which is a bit of a treat too.”


Christine Lafian, owner and creative director of Suku 

“This year has been a long year of working and supporting my team. I’m excited to just be out, treat myself to a good meal and buy the things I have been saving up for. I worked hard through this period and what I’m most excited about is just to go out and pamper myself.”


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