Period-proof swimwear is here for a carefree summer

Images via Modibodi
Words by Frankie Scheriani

No strings attached.

Everyone who’s ever experienced a period will know the pain of getting caught without a pad or tampon at the beach.

Thankfully, Modibodi’s period-proof swimwear collection allows you to ditch the inconvenience of disposable products entirely.

The brand’s bathers are thin enough to feel like ordinary swimwear and can hold up to one and a half tampon’s worth of blood.

Available in both pre-teen and adult sizes, the range includes a leak-proof one piece and bikini set offered in midnight black to hide any signs of leakage.

And for the cherry on top, Modibodi products are free of reef-damaging chemicals.

It’s a win-win.

Pre-order your pair here.


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