This label will no longer feature white models in any of its campaigns

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A bold move.

MOGA has announced it will no longer feature caucasian models in any of its advertising campaigns.

The brand, which specialises in women’s headscarves and shawls, declared the move in a bid to promote more opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities.

A talent search is currently underway to find a model to represent the brand over the next 12 months, open to women of all shapes, sizes and colours – except those who are white.

In a press release, MOGA stated:

“We are a small company with a very limited budget. As such, we only have space for a handful of models and ambassadors for reach of our campaigns, and we have to be very thoughtful on who we choose to represent our collections.

Therefore, we want to use the limited spacing we have in each of our campaigns to show races that are currently underrepresented in the media in an effort to promote racial diversity and more opportunities for ethnic minorities.”

Apparently, the new policy will not affect existing campaigns, with MOGA reminding consumers its brand can be worn by anyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

You can check out MOGA’s Instagram post on the matter below.


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