Sydney label Nagnata introduces its first line of genderless athleisure wear, and I’m already adding to cart

Photography by Jedd Cooney

Words by Sarah Noonan

Your gender-neutral go-to.

There truly wasn’t anything similar to Nagnata when it hit the Australian fashion scene three years ago. First launched in 2017 with its organic cotton technical-knitwear line, the brand’s founders, Laura May and Hannah Gibbs, have continuously pushed the boundaries of textile innovation in the years that followed.

With a nod to ’90s athleisure and a focus on sustainably-sourced textiles, Nagnata has experienced immense popularity both here and abroad. This season the brand is introducing its first genderless range in response to growing male interest in its female-focused designs.

In alignment with the brand’s Movement 007 collection, Nagnata has launched Sama, a new gender-fluid line suitable for all. Fittingly, the word ‘sama’ means equal/same and stems from the ancient Indo-European language of Sanskrit.

Designed to share, Sama was largely created thanks to Nagnata’s loyal male following that were already wearing a selection of the brand’s pieces, namely the coveted organic cotton rib sweaters and its merino core performance line.

“Men were requesting the styles they were seeing on women in their sizes [and] that motivated us to adapt our designs to cater to both masculine and feminine bodies. We were already dressing our musician friends who were drawn to the signature colour palettes and the designs were still understated enough for men to feel comfortable in,” explains Laura May.

Sama’s styles are functional, purpose-built essentials that stay true to the merging of premium fashion constructions with contemporary sportswear that Nagnata is known for. The collection also features the brand’s new organic cotton T-shirt line, including the ‘World’ tee with artwork designed in collaboration with Australian artist Daniel Watkins

More and more fashion labels from Gucci, to Kenzo and Louis Vuitton, are challenging gender norms in their products and we’re seeing an increasing number of genderless collections hitting the runway.

But the Australian fashion industry has seemed reluctant to adopt this modern approach, and activewear brands, in particular, appear to struggle with the idea of androgynous fashion. And while we’ve seen some local athleisure brands create unisex loungewear ranges, the genderless activewear space is sorely lacking.

Thankfully, Nagnata has recognised this absence and set out to do something about it. Finally, our friends of all genders can experience comfort, functionality and style while strutting up to Pilates in their new Nagnata ’fit. 


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