WIN: New Balance is giving away 100 pairs of its 574 sneakers


Say my name, say my name.

New Balance wants to get to know you. The famous footwear brand may not have time to learn how you take your coffee in the morning or what your most embarrassing moment is, but it does want to know your name.

Celebrating its heritage and named after the brand’s signature colour, Grey Day is an annual event to recognise New Balance’s timeless and versatile style

Known as the sneaker seen on both star athletes and street style icons alike, New Balance thinks that its shoes should be for everyone. 

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That’s why, if you head to New Balance’s website during this Grey Day week (kicking off this Saturday) and look for your first name, you could be in with a chance to nab your very own free pair of the 2021 574 drop. 

Every day from Saturday May 15 until Wednesday May 19, New Balance will be chucking up a handful of lucky names. Simply find your first name, click on the link, enter your details and boom, it’s yours. 

‘Wait, what’s the catch?’ I hear your sneaker-obsessed yet sceptical brain asking. 

Well, New Balance is generously giving away just 100 pairs of sneakers and the only way to nab a pair is if you’re one of the lucky few whose name is featured.

I’m not very good at maths but I think this means that if you spent your school days getting teased for your unique name, it may come in handy now as less people will be racing to get in first. 

The 574s are designed to be worn by anyone (not just sneaker heads) and by getting to know your first name, New Balance have created a shoe made especially for you.

We’ve all seen those lines snaking around the block from shoe stores, so knowing the passionate sneaker community, these iconic, grey 574s will most likely be snapped up before you can say ‘street style’. So get in quick.

Head here to nab a pair for yourself or wait until Grey Day, it may just be your lucky day. 

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