Salt Water Sandals release new style

Just in time for summer.

Ever since landing on our shores in 2012, Salt Water Sandals have been fitting in seamlessly with the Australian lifestyle. While these sandals have their origins in America, the water-resistant leather was made for beach days Down Under.

They even recommend wetting your sandals and wearing them as they dry, so they can mould to your feet for ultimate comfort.

Salt Water Sandals have a history of durability, originally designed in the ’40s and surviving World War II shortages by using off-cuts of military leather.

Keeping up with the times but sticking to their retro roots, they continue to update their offering. This season sees the new Salt Water Classic enter the mix, perfect for the minimalist sandal lover.

Featuring all the qualities of a good Salt Water sandal – comfortable, practical and hardwearing – the Salt Water Classic has skipped the traditional Salt Water plaiting in favour of a more understated style.


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