VAMFF Diary: Premium Runway 6

The one that was held in a carpark.

And here we are, VAMFF Day 7. I had decided to wear all black because it’s soooo Melbourne and – more to the point – I’d used all the exciting pieces in my wardrobe.

VAMFF had moved to its third runway location, the bottom of the multi-level Melbourne Museum underground carpark.

We were ushered down a too-small stairwell, into the carpark that was littered with multi-coloured poles (for what purpose, I’m not sure. Looked kewl though). 

It took a half hour to get the people seated but eventually, it was time for Premium Runway 6 to kick off.


Two words. Nailed it. Collarless coats, fine knits with rolled hems, flared culottes and layered silk dresses emerged in colours of baby pink, powder blue, rust, and charcoal. The minimalist label also presented a few bold prints, with thick and thin geometric line patterning.


To be honest, I was a little disappointed when it came to Kuwaii’s latest. In saying that, I’d still probably buy every piece. Rolled necks, flared cropped pants and minimal silhouettes came out in sky blue, wine and black. Every piece was beautiful, though the collection just seemed to be too safe. Then again, if you’re already onto a winning formula, why change? Everything was totally Melbourne and everyone will be wearing it.


Ryder’s for the lovers of vintage. The label was all about light blue denim jeans with dark patchwork pockets. Denim was mixed with cotton lace tops, reflective of those I wore as a kid. It was all very feminine and nostalgic, but if I’m honest, not all that exciting.


Obus is here to prove you can mix different patterns, no matter what you’ve been told. Florals and abstract geometric prints were splashed across fitted pants and knitted pullovers. Throw in the fact they had matching beanies and you’ve got a winner.


Everything. Polar fleece coats and skirts, velvet cardigans and jumpers, leather dresses and peplum tops made for a highly-textured collection that will be super sought after this season. These fabrics were mixed with the season’s key watercolor print of deep raspberry and purple. 

I Love Mr Mittens 

If you’re looking for knits this winter then, obviously, you’ll be looking at Mr Mittens. Oversized nanna jumpers and cardigans were styled as dresses and coats. It’s all about the big knit. Meanwhile thick, slightly fuzzy, loosely-knitted, rolled scarves (they were huge) were overwhelming me with cosy feels. Mr Mittens even convinced me I could pull off knitted wool bloomers, for like, a second. The fact that everything is handmade is a huge and super impressive plus.

I was maybe a lil’ disappointed with Runway 6. There were some pieces which just lacked a little oomph and were just too safe. Then again, come winter, you will probably find me in almost everything from this runway. I’m lazy and it’s easy. 


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