NOAH teams up with Keith Haring Foundation to help kids in need

Noah and Keith Haring Foundation


Merry Christmas baby.

This time of year, it’s important to recognise the need to give and not just to those closest to us.

So crack open a Very Special Christmas album and get ready to finalise your Christmas shopping list because NOAH and Keith Haring Foundation have done something pretty cool.

NOAH, the American men’s clothing brand, has now teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation to create sweatshirts and help kids in need. Having just recently released a range of graphic tees to raise money for Hurricane Harvey, NOAH is yet again donating to causes and moving away from that ‘bottom-line’ mentality. 

The hoodies are printed with Haring’s most iconic piece, ‘Mother and Child’, and read ‘peace on earth’ in gothic print on the back.

Since Haring’s death, the Keith Haring Foundation has sought to ensure that Haring’s philanthropy would continue.

All of the proceeds from these limited-edition hoodies will be donated to Save the Children, to continue supporting disadvantaged kids in developing countries.

You can shop both colourways online.


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