Why you should invest in a new watch this season

Words by Fashion Journal

A perfect (and practical) way to update any outfit.

There are two kinds of people in this world – those that wear watches, and those that don’t.

But for those in the latter category, we suggest rethinking your stance.

Sporting a luxe timepiece is a perfect (and practical) way to update any outfit. Plus, you’re basically telling the world ‘I’ve got my shit together’.

Whether you’re keen to enter the watch-wearing game, or inspired to update your current favourite, there’s no shortage of stylish options on the market. To help you along with your purchase, we chatted to creative director and writer, Alexia Petsinis, about her top Swiss-made timepiece picks and when to wear them.

To work
Alexia’s pick: Calvin Klein full moon watch
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I love the elegant simplicity of Calvin Klein Full Moon. During a hectic time like fashion week, when you’re rushing between shows and events, your watch becomes your best friend. You don’t want to have to change watches with every outfit you wear. The Full Moon perfectly complements all the garments in my wardrobe, so I can wear it from morning to night.
Wear it: at Fashion week
Style with: with anything and everything in your wardrobe

After dark
Alexia’s pick: Calvin Klein minimal watch
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This watch emits an aura of understated luxury. The texture of the watch band and its gold tones glint elegantly under the light. When I have it on, I don’t need to worry about wearing other rings or bracelets. It makes a statement without being overpowering.
Wear it: to the theatre on a Saturday night
Style with: a black velvet skirt, white silk shirt with a necktie, red lipstick

On the go
Alexia’s pick: Calvin Klein rebel watch
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The Rebel is the ideal balance of sporty and chic. Generally speaking, my style tends to be more classic and less ‘sporty/active’ but this timepiece makes me feel spritely and energised whenever I wear it. The sleek, Swiss make of the watch ensures it feels light and compact on my wrist, which is really important if you’re constantly on the go.
Wear it: On a weekend away
Style with: Rolled-up jeans, a printed T-shirt and trench coat

On the weekend
Alexia’s pick: Calvin Klein cheers watch
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This timepiece is like an artwork in itself. I love the combination of geometric lines and shapes it’s made of. They really accentuate the curved and straight edges that wrap around the wrist. It reminds me of a surrealist art object or something. I appreciate looking at products and really being able to see the creativity behind the design process come to life. This is certainly the case with Calvin Klein Cheers.
Wear it: visiting an art gallery
Style with: a flowy printed maxi dress, silk scarf, cross-body saddle bag.

Images directed and produced by Alexia Petsinis
Photographed by Jacob Medina
Wardrobe by Calvin Klein Jeans

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