Farewell Matt Preston, the most fashion-forward man on television

Images via Network Ten
Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Cravats out for Matt.

Think what you like of George Calombaris and his controversies, last night’s one-for-all-and-all-for-one triple resignation of all three Masterchef judges signals the end of a mighty era not just in Australian television, but Australian culture.

Most missed of all will be Matt Preston, the don of Cuban heels and three-piece suits.

With great flamboyance comes a tirade of conformist judgement from those too scared to stand out. He took the public ridicule and challenged it by clothing his larger-than-life figure in more daring and outlandish ensembles as the seasons climbed.

Sometimes garish and always over-the-top, over the years Preston has not shied his lavender tailcoats from such fashion faux pas as a Dickensian fob-watch chain, Dick van Dyke candy stripes, or leather butchers’ aprons. Somehow he made it work.

Freeway billboards across the nation will miss this decadent risk-taker.

Below are our top five Matt Preston moments over the last decade:

Beetlejuice Matt

I actually think Tim Burton and Matt would get along. Theatricality, costumes and a flair for the unexpected.

Casual Matt

This seaside get-up is notable mostly for the Birkenstocks and blinding sock tan. Who even makes suit shorts with a matching waistcoat?

Clueless Matt

Dress down? Ugh, as if!

Kitchen-floor Matt

This parquet number is disturbingly meta for the Masterchef kitchen.

Turkish Delight Matt

Quintessentially Preston: multicoloured plaid, pocket square, and a matching cravat. Probably co-ordinated to the theme of this week’s Mystery Box. God, he’s good.

Farewell, you fearless sartorial crusader. We salute you.


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