Off-White is suing a brand over the use of quotation marks and red zip ties

Images via zumiez/Off-White
Words by Tara Smith

A crazy twist of events.

Off-White, a brand that is regularly accused of copycat designs (like here and here), is now suing a label for copyright infringement.

According to The Fashion Law, Off-White is suing US-based brand Rastaclat for its use of red zip ties and quotation marks on a bracelet. While Off-White does not currently have federal registrations for the two design elements in question, it claims that it has amassed ‘significant common law trademark’ rights instead.

The case states that Rastaclat’s bracelets were being sold under the name ‘Off-Clat’ and ‘Off-Clat c/o Rastaclat’ on various online retailers, for as little as $18 USD. Off-White alleges that the bracelets ‘violate [its] exclusive rights’ in its registered ‘Off-White’ trademark, as well as the use of quotation marks and zip ties.

Off-White believes the designs from Rastaclat will confuse consumers, and may result in purchases under the false assumption they were designed by Virgil Abloh.

It’s important to note that a trademark application for Off-White’s red zip ties was filed back in July last year, but was preliminarily rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office in December.

Check out Rastaclat’s designs below.

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