A guide to finding jeans that actually fit

Images via Freddy

With help from our friends at Freddy.

Shopping for jeans can be an uphill battle at the best of times.

We’ve all been there. The pair you like never fits properly, the colour is all wrong and the change rooms are always SO DAMN STUFFY. The whole process usually results in a few tears and a lot of denim strewn about the walls and on the unfortunate shop assistants.

In short, it’s an absolute denim shitstorm out there and only the strongest survive.

To help lessen your next change room tantrum, it helps to go in with a solid idea of what works best for your body shape. Think about varying fits, lengths and what the denim is actually made of. Will it give me room to breathe? Do I want to be confined to a denim prison for the entirety of the day?

Our friends at Freddy have shared a few insightful tips on what styles work best for a few different body shapes, in the hope that your next jean-shopping experience is a pleasant one.


A mid-rise is perfect for pear-shaped ladies, as it will complement fuller hips and thighs and fall in a straight line from waist to hem. Opt for a darker hue to flatter the body even more, and pair with a longer-line top.

Freddy pick: Mid Waist Full Length WR.UP Denim


You might want to run for the hills when you hear the words ‘low-rise jean’, but if Tom Ford, Rihanna and Bella Hadid are anything to go by, the style is making a huge comeback. Use it to highlight your (ass)et by choosing a pair that hugs your hips and accentuates your long legs.

Freddy pick: Low Waist Full Length WR.UP Denim


High-waist jeans are excellent for the more petite among us, as they’ll help give the illusion of longer legs and a taller silhouette overall.

Freddy pick: High Waist 7/8 Length WR.UP Denim


For a tried and true fit, opt for jeans with a mid-to-high rise and stretch fabric that will allow a bit of movement. A skinny silhouette will also elongate your legs and complement the natural curve of your hips and thighs.

Freddy pick: High Waist Full Length WR.UP Denim


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