P.E Nation collaborates with Speedos for a strong, sporty swimwear line

Words by Anthony Graetz

Aqua Woman.

It’s safe to say that when Australians think of speedos, we immediately imagine an overweight, hairy, middle-aged man flaunting what should not be flaunted.


But now the Australian label is collaborating with P.E Nation to reinvent the budgie smuggler reputation.

P.E Nation x Speedo is a line of streamlined one-pieces and sets that are optimal for serious swimmers. Combining P.E.’s signature colours and graphics with Speedo’s classic cuts, the line is high-performance wear with an aesthetic focus.

From bikinis to bodysuits with options of long-sleeves, high-necks and sports bra build-ins, it’s evident the collab is a practical move for strong, female swimmers.

The collaboration is only available in Australia and drops in-store and online on October 17. 

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