Converse plays around with upcycled denim for the Renew Tri Panel collection

Words by Ruby Staley

The newest iteration of Converse’s sustainable initiative range

Like a good pair of jeans, a pair of Chuck Taylors is the most dependable of wardrobe staples.

Now, Converse has combined the two for a new iteration of its Renew Denim collection. 

Initially released August, the Renew Denim line was a first of its kind – taking the classic Chuck 70s design and crafting them from the denim of pre-loved jeans. Considering denim is one of the most common types of clothing that takes up space in landfills, it was the obvious choice to kick off Converse’s upcycled textile capabilities.

This time around, Converse is having a bit of fun with the collection. By mixing and matching three distinct washes of pre-loved denim, the brand has launched the new Converse Renew Tri Panel Denim.

The three denim washes – dark blue, light blue, and black – are hand-picked then butterfly cut, each becoming a puzzle piece in forming the Chuck upper. This means each pair is one-of-a-kind and ready for a new life.

Converse’s Renew Tri Panel will be available for purchasing online or in select stores from October 3.


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