Pandora’s limited edition strawberry charm is the cutest thing ever

Words by Maki Morita


There’s a certain novelty to charm bracelets; the idea of collecting symbols dear to you in order to create a piece of jewellery that uniquely reflects you.

From horseshoes to four-leaf clovers, the sentimental value of each trinket is perhaps what sets apart charm bracelets from your standard jewel-encrusted garb or the cartilage piercing you got in Year 9.

Pandora, the ultimate purveyor of high-end charm bracelets, is celebrating 20 years of its iconic jewellery by releasing 12 limited edition charms. The first of these is a silver strawberry engraved with a special 20-year hallmark, launched today. Reminiscent of long summer days and luscious picnics or homemade strawberry jam and Christmas cakes, there are some sweet memories sure to be associated with the strawberry charm.

If you want to add the limited edition charm to your Pandora collection, it is now available in select Pandora concept stores and online. We know it’s all very exciting but you can’t go too crazy, there’s a limit of one strawb per customer.


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