Minnie Mouse athleisure is the defining feature of UNIQLO’s UT x AMBUSH

Words by Maki Morita

Disney, but make it fashion.

In celebration of all things art, culture and cartoon characters, UT is Uniqlo’s T-shirt line that collaborates with designers, artists, or basically anything trending that you might want to wear on your front. Noteworthy collaborations from the past include slogans written by Miranda July or Peanuts cartoons emblazoned across the chest.

UT’s next collaboration is with AMBUSH, a Tokyo-based brand co-founded by creative director, YOON. The brand has a cult following for its industrial-chic streetwear designs. The collaboration showcases YOON’s unique take on Minnie Mouse, celebrating the iconic Disney character through playful, athleisure-inspired oversized UTs. However, this range will be going beyond the classic UT to include dresses, coats, parkas, bags and caps.

The range will launch February 28, with the full range available online and at Emporium, Chadstone and Mid City stores only. Other Australian stores will have selected items available in store.


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