Melbourne-based label Permanent Vacation’s latest collection is an ode to the simplicity and repetitiveness of daily life

Images via Permanent Vacation

Words by Stephanie Chadwick

A fresh perspective.

Permanent Vacation’s new collection Perspective has launched in the latest instalment of its ongoing series of projects. The collection was inspired and named after a song by Yellow Magic Orchestra about the simplicity and repetitiveness of daily practices. 

Permanent Vacation (PV) has built its brand around designing clothes driven by emotion. Some of its past collections have been themed around similar existential moods – see Deep Emotions, Everything is Temporary and A Hot Mess!. Basically, PV is giving us all the feels (and all the best silhouettes too. The Everyday Flares are my ideal pants). 

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Founder and designer Claire Louise Smith designed the current collection in the depths of isolation last year whilst she was reflecting on how small our individual worlds had become. This was back when lockdown had us living for the small rituals of brewing coffee, long walks, binging Netflix and Zoom wine nights.

Project 16 was influenced by extended periods of social isolation and the introspection we’ve experienced over the past year, as well as our transformed perceptions of ordinary practices having lived through a pandemic,” she says. 

“The shapes and colours in the collection are predominantly functional and I chose fabrics based on comfort. That said, I also felt the need to include bright shades of yellow and purple for hope.”

Project 16 is complete with luxe layering basics, sheer floral turtlenecks, gingham boob tubes and pinstripe flared pants. Offering a new take on old classics, PV is designing effortless wardrobe staples for the modern woman.

PV designs with the intention of its collections integrating seamlessly into consumers’ wardrobes. Pair its asymmetrical tops with your trusted pair of jeans or its luxe tanks with a stack of mismatched necklaces.

Its garments are not designed with single-wear usage in mind, in fact, they are made to stand the test of time and be styled for pretty much any occasion. 

“I’d love for someone to purchase a piece from Project 16 and still be wearing it in ten or more years’ time, which is also partly the reason there are no seasons associated with PV collections.”

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