Prosthetic skin heels are here to ruin your day

Image via @matieresfecales/Instagram

What are thooooooose?!

This might just be the most polarising shoe we’ve ever come across.

Introducing the skin heel, a prosthetic thigh-high shoe crafted to look like the wearer’s actual leg (with an extra horn or two). Each part is made from silicon, and mimics human features like skin colour, dents, moles, foot arch and hairs to look like the real deal.

You can thank Montreal-based duo Fecal Matter for this alien-like creation, which is already known on Instagram for its otherworldly designs.

According to Vogue, the idea behind the footwear is to reflect what humans will eventually look like, thanks to body modification, social media and advances in technology.

If you too would like to channel a satanic baby goat, the starting rate for the thigh-high is reportedly $10,000. That’s because there’s currently just one in existence, with plans for a more consumer-friendly version on the way.

We’ll stick to ugly dad sneakers and high-fashion crocs for now.


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