Reliquia Collective launches Aeyre Home, so you can now beautify your kitchen table too


Art deco glassware, marble coasters and more.  

Reliquia Collective is a firm favourite among Australians thanks to its collection of brands; Blanca, Valet Studios, Primavera Jewellery, Respiro, and, of course, Reliquia. But with the launch of its new brand this week, Aeyre Home, the collective has entered the homewares space. 

Aeyre Home is made up of luxurious scents, ’70s glassware and sparkling marble which captures the vintage feel that Reliquia Collective so perfectly evokes through its jewellery, accessories and clothing collections. 

The pastel-coloured knives and forks with large round handles are my personal favourites due to the fact that they could make the most mundane activities, like eating cereal, an Instagrammable moment.

I’m also very into the marble coasters and trays – they come in a range of colours that mirror the brand’s marble hair clips, meaning you can complement your dining room table with your outfit, if you so wish. 

You can flood your home with frankincense, patchouli, lavender, sandalwood and sage with the collection’s range of Japanese-made incense, which are made all the more indulgent by brass incense holders.

There are also two soy candles in the range which will transport you on an imaginary European getaway. San Sebastian smells of blue chamomile and linen, while Sintra is heavier with notes of jasmine, saffron and cedarwood.  

You can shop Aeyre Home’s debut collection here. 


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